Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Best Way to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Your Senior

If your senior is in an assisted living facility or is mostly homebound, you may worry that they’re missing out on the love and joy that comes with Valentine’s Day. However, regardless of how mobile your elderly loved one is, you can help to bring them a special holiday at a relatively low price point this year. The following activities will get them into the Valentine’s Day spirit:

Encourage young family members to create homemade valentines

Your senior will delight over getting a few handmade valentines to celebrate the special day. Whether they’re store-bought or colored with markers at home, a reminder that they are loved will be important to your elderly loved one during this time.

Have them make valentines for others

Part of the fun in Valentine’s Day comes in spreading the love to others. Help your senior make some valentines for the people closest to them. Bring over plenty of construction paper, stickers, glitter, and other materials, and get to work creating notes of affection for family members, friends, and even in-home care professionals. They don’t have to be perfect, just full of love and appreciation.

Bake Valentine’s Day cookies

A sweet treat is the perfect way to commemorate the holiday. Professionals who care for the elderly explain that this project is easy to do regardless of where your elderly loved one is living. Bake sugar cookies and decorate them with pink and red icing. You can even buy plain cookies from the store and just get to work on personalizing them. 

According to elder care services professionals, decorating your senior’s living space for the occasion can also get them into the spirit. Hang some streamers, paper hearts, and other festive items, or consider purchasing pink and red candles. These small touches will make a major difference. 

Remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love for a partner. Even if your loved one’s significant other has since passed away, they can enjoy celebrating love for friends and family members. Help them to enjoy this day and remind them how loved they truly are. 

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