Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fourth of July Activities for Homebound Seniors

Holidays like the Fourth of July are an ideal time to bond with your older loved ones. You shouldn’t have to decide between spending time with friends and spending time with an elderly relative. By offering up some great ideas that accommodate your older loved one, you can include a homebound relative in on the holiday celebrations in a way that everyone can enjoy.
If you’re hosting a cookout, consider your loved one’s dietary restrictions. If the menu you’ve planned is fatty, spicy, or difficult to chew, make sure you include some foods that your loved one can eat and enjoy. 
Next, consider the seating you will be providing. If your elderly family member or friend uses a wheelchair, make sure that the seating areas accommodate his or her mobility devices. Ensure that pathways are wide enough and that guests can easily move from place to place. 
Another seating point to consider is whether or not your chairs will have back support. A picnic bench without a back can make it difficult for your relative or friend to sit comfortably. Make sure to include seating options that will allow your loved one to sit for longer periods without irritation. 
Lastly, make sure to provide umbrellas or shading at seating areas. Your older loved one will need extra protection from the sun, and as a host, you should ensure they have easy access to shade. 
Hosting a senior-friendly Fourth of July celebration means including lots of activities that everyone can do without overexerting themselves on a hot day. Break out the board games, decks of cards, and other entertaining games that family and friends can play at a table under the shade. Other fun at-home game ideas might include:
Ring toss. This is a gentle tossing game that can be easily modified to suit individual mobility or physical limitations. One modification might be to toss rings onto a weighted down bottle, or any other upright object.
Bean bag toss. Another gentle tossing activity that involves lobbing a lightweight bag into a cutout hole or a ring on the ground. You can easily modify this to accommodate any vision challenges by painting a bigger ring or circle in the lawn as a target.
Patio or lawn bowling. Set up a miniature bowling lane on a flat surface or any area of lawn with short-cut grass. Use plastic bowling pins and a lightweight ball to make this game senior-friendly.
If you have a guitar or an instrument, pull it out during the festivities. A friend or relative might have a hidden talent and be able to play. If anyone at the party is musically inclined, ask them to start a sing-a-long and play familiar tunes that everyone will recognize. 
Put together a list of crafts that your older loved ones, adults, and children alike will all have fun doing together. 
Chocolate covered strawberries. Make an edible patriotic treat by dipping strawberries in white chocolate. Before the chocolate hardens, top them off with blue sprinkles for a red, white, and blue effect.
Painted clay pots. Clay pots are perfect for storing flowers in all year round. At your Fourth of July party, you can provide guests with basic clay pots, brushes, and red, white, and blue paints. Let them dig deep into their imagination and have fun decorating a memorable pot they can use later. 
Providing senior care starts with welcoming your older loved ones in on family activities to make sure they always feel included. Accommodating their needs on holidays, like the Fourth of July, is a fantastic way to include them in on the fun and show them how much you care, while still adhering to their home-care requirements. 

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