Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Celebrating Halloween with your Senior

The holidays are perfect occasions to spend quality time with your aging parent and have fun. Halloween is just around the corner and provides many opportunities for family activities. Your senior may be hesitant to spend the evening alone if they don’t feel safe or comfortable with trick-or-treaters coming around. Or their mobility may make it more difficult to get to and from the door repeatedly or to decorate. Here are a few ideas for making Halloween memorable this year:

Trick-or-Treat together. Invite your loved one over to go trick-or-treating with the grandchildren. Make sure that they are able to keep up and are comfortable and safe walking along in the dark. You can also man the door together and hand out candy to children that stop by. Seeing the kids in costumes and having fun can bring back wonderful memories.

Decorate festively. You can decorate your home or theirs or both. Pick out some simple, safe d├ęcor to help everyone get in the spirit. You could also spend time making some decorations together and getting the grandchildren involved as well. This can provide them with some homemade keepsakes that they can use for following years.

Have a party. Host a small get-together or take your senior along to a party. You can enjoy the evening together talking and celebrating with friends. It can be a nice change for them to get out and socialize. They can help to make Halloween-themed treats and pick out a costume of their own. Just make sure that it doesn’t pose any safety concerns, such as making it more difficult to walk or see.

Watch a movie. If you are looking for a more low-key evening, gather together and watch a spooky movie. There are many great family friendly movies for Halloween. You can also ask your senior what their favorite one is and bring back old memories. Let them reminisce about celebrating Halloween when they were younger and the things they used to do.

Use this time to create new memories, carry out old traditions, and enjoy each other’s company. If you can’t be with your senior, try to arrange to have a friend, neighbor, or caregiver visit with them. This can ensure that they are not alone and help them to make the most of the evening. It can give them companionship if they decide to hand out candy and help improve their safety overall. Whether your senior is looking for a quiet evening at home or to be more active and involved, there are plenty of options for celebrating together.

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