Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Differences Between Home Care and Assisted Living

As your senior continues to age, there are a number of different caregiving methods that will allow them to flourish, without putting their health and safety at risk. Two popular options include home care and residing in an assisted living facility. Below are some of the major benefits of both of these options.

Residing in an assisted living facility

According to those who work in assisted living, Asheville families and their seniors can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the elderly individual will receive proper care and plenty of socialization at an assisted living facility. Some of the key reasons why elderly individuals love assisted living facilities include:

  • Plenty of activities to enjoy: At virtually any hour of the day, a senior can find something intellectually stimulating and fun to do at an assisted living facility. The days are no longer spent watching TV or reading, as they can attend art history lectures, take tai chi classes, or play cards with friends.
  • Proper nutrition: If your elderly loved one struggles to get to the grocery store and prepare nutritious meals, this living option is an ideal one. They’ll have access to highly trained chefs who prepare meals that taste great and give them the nutrition they need to remain strong. 
  • A safe living environment: Even seemingly harmless items at home, like grandkids’ toys and dog food bowls, can become a hazard for seniors. Assisted living facilities ensure that your elderly loved one has a safe place to call home. According to those who work in assisted living, Hendersonville families often cite this perk as one of the most significant reasons to enjoy an assisted living facility.

The benefits of in-home care

For many elderly individuals, the idea of leaving home where they’re comfortable is unappealing at best and terrifying at worst. This is why many families choose home care for their seniors. According to those who work in home care, Asheville families using this option can enjoy peace of mind, without having to force their elderly parent to give up their independence. A home care professional can assist with bathing, changing, and can help to ensure that your loved one is eating nutritious meals and taking their medication.

When it comes to taking care of your loved one, there are many different options available. The right choice simply depends on your elderly parent’s comfort level, mobility, and needs. Home care and assisted living are both excellent options for preserving your senior’s health and safety.

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