Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hard Conversations: Talking to your Loved One about Senior Care

For many people, one of the most challenging things about getting older is losing their independence. Seniors are hesitant to ask for or admit they need help because they want to remain in their own home rather than going to assisted living or a nursing home. Fortunately for seniors in the Asheville-Hendersonville area, they can stay in their home and get the help they need through senior care services. In-home care can provide them with a wide range of assistance as well as offer companionship.

Bringing up the idea of in-home care can be a sensitive subject. It’s important to set the right tone and not make your aging parent feel like they are being forced into anything or losing control. Here are some tips for making the conversation a little easier:

Focus on you: Rather than making the conversation all about why your parent needs help, emphasize how it would make you feel better. By having someone checking in on and assisting them, you can have more peace of mind about their safety and wellbeing. They’ll have someone to help with daily tasks, provide transportation, and give reminders. Elderly parents don’t want their children worrying about them, so they may be more apt to accept help.

Keep things positive: As you casually bring up the topic, focus on the positives of how it can improve their quality of life. Someone can help them prepare meals and grocery shop, get to events they want to attend, spend time talking about their favorite things, and help them stay organized. An in-home caregiver can ensure they’re taking their medication and that their home doesn’t have any safety concerns.

Address their fears: It can take some time to get used to having a stranger in their home helping them with things they’re used to doing on their own. Empathize with their emotions and reassure them that the caregiver has their best interests in mind. If you can, go over the first few times to help them feel more comfortable and get more adjusted. Keep communication open and check in to see how things are going.

Do a trial run: Ask your aging parent if they will give in-home care a try for a few weeks. Perhaps you can start off with a day or two a week and see how things go. If more help is necessary and your senior warms up to the idea, then you can make adjustments to services to increase the frequency. Let your loved one know that they can still be independent and just accept help with certain tasks or aspects of their day. It is very flexible and customizable to their individual needs.

As you re-evaluate your loved ones safety and abilities, consider how senior services can help. If you know of others who get assistance, they may be able to speak to the benefits as well. If you’re looking for high quality, in-home care in the Asheville-Hendersonville area, contact Always Best Care today to learn more. Call (828) 989-7263 or visit us online and rest assured that your loved one is in good hands.

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