Friday, August 28, 2015

Unraveling 5 Myths About Aging

Getting older is a natural progression in life. It is one of the many stages that people go through. However, there are certain myths that surround the aging population and can make it seem less than desirable. In reality, there are many people who thrive in their golden years and make the most of this time in their life. Here are five common myths surrounding aging:

1. Being a senior is boring.

On the contrary, retirement can allow seniors to be more active than ever. They have more free time to spend as they choose, which can mean traveling, visiting family, joining clubs, and doing other things they’ve always wanted to try. There are plenty of events and groups geared toward older adults to keep them engaged and enjoying all that life has to offer.

2. Getting older means living in a nursing home.

More and more seniors are choosing to age in place as long as they can. This may mean making modifications around their home to improve safety and accessibility, but it allows them to stay where they are. In addition, Asheville senior services such as in-home care can provide them with the right level of assistance to help them maintain their independence. For many, nursing home care is not necessary until much later on.

3. Aging means developing dementia.

Only a fraction of seniors develop dementia. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “One in nine people age 65 and older (11 percent) has Alzheimer’s disease,” and “about one-third of people age 85 and older (32 percent) have Alzheimer’s disease.” This means that there are a large percentage of people who are not affected. In addition, research continues to advance our understanding of the disease and potential strategies for slowing or one day curing it.

4. Aging brings about poor health.

With regular exercise, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle, many seniors continue to feel great. They are able to manage aches and pains and stay proactive to ward off illness. By knowing their risk factors and what to be aware of, seniors can promote better health and catch problems early on.

5. Getting older means being depressed.

Depression is not a typical part of aging. Staying involved with social groups, connecting with family and friends, and finding ways to keep busy and do things they enjoy can help ward off depression. Many seniors enjoy being able to spend time with grandchildren, take up new hobbies, and volunteer. If signs of depression do emerge, it is important to talk the doctor and get help.

Aging can be an exciting experience and allow seniors to embark on new opportunities. They see how the world has changed and where it is heading. They can pass on words of wisdom to younger generations. It does not have to be ‘doom and gloom.’ To help your senior better navigate through aging, contact Always Best Care of Asheville-Hendersonville to arrange for in-home care tailored to their needs. Call (828) 989-7263 to get started.

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